America! Sweet America..

Three bay area natives take on America via a rented PT Cruiser. Armed to the teeth with technology, it is their aim to document glory from the road across America. San Francisco to Chicago via the northwest, and back via the southwest, you see what we see. Posting live from the road via a bluetooth cellphone and a generous data plan. Camera Phoned, Blogged, Geocoded, Googlemapped, Bluetoothed, and GPRSed we have got quite a few hip buzzwords. People at truckstops have no idea what we are talking about.

Starting on May 29th and returning on June 11th, we are always looking for your tips and travel ideas... or maybe just your floor to sleep on. email us;

Yes! It is true, we have returned safe and sound. Data coverage was really spotty in the southwest, so there are couple of posts pending. Stay tuned!